Earn to Die 4 – The Newest Installment of the Series

The game starts from where it ends from the previous series and the main character escapes the zombies and reaches the military base. The main character boarded a plane to airlift him to safety but the zombies overrun it and crashes back to the ground. He has no other choice but to go to the first town he sees to keep him safe from the invading groups of the zombies.

Earn to Die 2 uses 3 cars the station wagon, the muscle car which was seen first in Earn to Die 2012 and the 4 door sedan. You will not see the powerful trucks in this series. But it does not mean that the game has fewer zombies. Just like the previous games, you will still have to deal with lots of zombies and pass the obstacles.

With regards to controls, it is still the same. Use the up key to move the car forward, the directional buttons to steer your vehicles, the down key to move your car back and slows it down, the down key tilts your vehicle downwards and the left key to tilt the car upwards. Use these keys to stabilize the vehicle and keep it steady and balanced all throughout the game. If in case it tumbles over, you need to repeat the level.

The coin shop in the Duck life

The coin shop was not introduced in the first version or the original version of the game, but the developer duck life has included this shop in the duck life 4 version. The coin shop does not only facilitate the players but also allow them to purchase the food and other products for their ducks.
Generally, the coin shop contains all the important items and accessories that can be used to improve the skills of your duckling. These accessories include:
The Hats
The Shoes and
The Speed Buffs
As soon as the player will cross the versions and the levels of the game, he will definitely get more and more quantity of the products. The speed of the buff items is the only feature that is differentiated among the coin shops of different versions of games. All the things in the coin shop can only be purchased, if you have some coins in your pocket while the coins can be collected through different means that are the coin collection mean or the competition mean.

What does Spike Factory do?

This is a special tower which has to btd 5 be placed only once and can work on to pop bloons, each pile destroying 5 bloons.

If the bloons take too long to come, the spikes can get timed out and disappear. Initially this weapon was not present and was added later in 2012 endowed with special capabilities to burst Camo Bloons.

The bloons are not targeted by Spike Factories, but this feature positions spikes in different part along the track which come within the circumference of the Spike Factory. This weapon is not very good at popping the bloons so they should be placed at the later part of the path. The more time they take to come to the spike factory the better it would be. But it is not wise to increase the area between a Monkey Village and from the source of the blooms. You should ensure that the spikes do not fall beyond the bloons as this will bring no results for you.

How to perform the guitar

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